Boat Outboard Propeller fit Mercury Engines Motor 30/35/40/45/50/55/60/70HP,13 Spline Tooth, RH,Hub Kits Installed

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IMPORTANT:1. Check your current engine shaft spline tooth before purchasing.

◆ Mercury Propeller Size:

Diameter: 12 1/4";Pitch (in.): 9" 3Blade
{OEM Part No.:48-87818A45}

Diameter: 11 1/4";Pitch (in.): 10" 3Blade
{OEM Part No.:48-73132A45}

Diameter: 11 1/8";Pitch (in.): 13" 3Blade
{OEM Part No.:48-61818A1}

Diameter: 11";Pitch (in.): 15" 3Blade
{OEM Part No.:48-73140A45}

Diameter: 10 7/8";Pitch (in.): 11" 3Blade
{OEM Part No.:48-85632A45/48-85632A40}

Diameter: 10 5/8";Pitch (in.): 12" 3Blade
{OEM Part No.:48-73134A45}

Diameter: 10 3/8";Pitch (in.): 13" 3Blade
{OEM Part No.:48-73136A45}

Diameter: 10 1/2";Pitch (in.): 13" 3Blade
{OEM Part No.:48-816704A45}

Diameter: 10 3/8";Pitch (in.): 14" 3Blade
{OEM Part No.:48-816706A45}

Diameter: 10 1/4";Pitch (in.): 14" 3Blade
{OEM Part No.:48-73138A45}

Diameter: 10.6";Pitch (in.): 12" 4Blade
{OEM Part No.:48-8M8026625}

Diameter: 10.3";Pitch (in.): 13" 4Blade
{OEM Part No.:48-8M8026630}

Number of Spline: 13
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Rotation: Right

◆ Engine Prop Application:

3-1/4" Gearcase
25hp Bigfoot(4 stroke)...1999-2005
30hp Bigfoot(4 stroke)...2010-newer
30hp(2&4 stroke)...1994-2005
30hp(sea Pro/Marathon)...1994-newer
402&500 Models...1974-1984
40hp(2&4 stroke/not bigfoot)...1977-newer
40hp(Sea Pro/Marathon)...1977-newer
48hp(Mariner)...all years
50hp(2&4 stroke/not bigfoot)...1977-newer
55hp(Mercury/Sea Pro/Marathon)...1995-newer
60hp(4 stroke)(not bigfoot or Sea Pro/Marathon)...1978-newer
60hp(2 stroke)...1978-newer
70hp(Model 700)...1983

●To choose your propeller, we kindly advise you to confirm your own propeller's (1) brand, (2) diameter, (3) pitch, (4) rotation, (5) OEM number, (6) the engine date to be matched by the propeller, and (7) HP from the manufacturer before the purchase.

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