Boat Propeller Fit Suzuki Outboard Engine DF70A DF80A DF90A DF100 DF115A DF140A 15 Tooth Spline

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IMPORTANT: Check your current engine shaft spline tooth before purchasing.

Item Specifics:
Rotation: R
Number of Blades: 3
Number of Spline Tooth: 15

Diameter: 13 1/2";Pitch (in.): 15"
{OEM Part No.:58100-90J41-019}

Diameter: 13 1/4";Pitch (in.): 17"
{OEM Part No.:58100-95512-019}

Diameter: 13";Pitch (in.): 19"
{OEM Part No.:58100-94522-019}

Diameter: 13 3/4";Pitch (in.): 17"
{OEM Part No.:58100-87L20-019}

Diameter: 13 3/4";Pitch (in.): 19"
{OEM Part No.:58100-87L30-019}

Diameter: 13 3/4";Pitch (in.): 21"
{OEM Part No.:58100-87L40-019}

Diameter: 14";Pitch (in.): 17"
{OEM Part No.:58100-90J01-019}

Diameter: 14";Pitch (in.): 19"
{OEM Part No.:58100-90J11-019}

Diameter: 14";Pitch (in.): 21"
{OEM Part No.:58100-90J21-019}

Suzuki Outboard Engine DF90/100/115/140
4-1/4" Gearcase
DF70A(4 Stroke)...2009-newer
DF80A(4 Stroke)...2009-newer
DF90(4 Stroke)...2001-2008
DF90A(4 Stroke)...2009-newer
DF100(4 Stroke)...2009-newer
DF115(4 Stroke)...2001-2012
DF115A(4 Stroke)...2013-newer
DF140(4 Stroke)...2002-2012
DF140A(4 Stroke)...2013-newer

Item Descriptions:
1.FACTORY DIRECT SUPPLY, OEM GRADE QUALITY. Our propellers make your installation process
2.Model Description: OEM performance for Suzuki Outboard Engines 70-140HP
3.Material:adopt High Quality Aluminum material
4.Outstanding Quality: Based on fine raw material, superb manufacturing process and strict
quality control, our propellers are more durable.