Boat Propeller for Mercury 2-Stroke 5HP 12 Tooth/ Outboard Propeller for Tohatsu/ Nissan Engine 4HP 5HP 6HP

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★IMPORTANT: Check your current engine shaft spline tooth before purchasing.

◆ Mercury Propeller Size:
Diameter:7.8"Pitch (in.): 7";Mercury OEM NO.:48-812949A02;Tohatsu OEM NO.:3R1B64514-2
Diameter:7.8"Pitch (in.): 8";Mercury OEM NO.:48-812950A02;Tohatsu OEM NO.:3R1-W64516-0/ 3R1W645160M
Diameter:7.8"Pitch (in.): 9";Mercury OEM NO.:48-812951A02;Tohatsu OEM NO.:369B64518-1
Number of Spline: 12
Number of Blade: 3
Material: Aluminum Alloy

◆ Engine Prop Application:>
Propeller for Mercury/Mariner Outboard Engines 4HP 5HP 6HP
Propeller for Tohatsu Nissan Outboard motor 4HP 5HP 6HP
4 HP/MFS4 (4-Stroke) - All Years
5 HP/M5B (2-Stroke) - All Years
5 HP/MFS5 (4-Stroke) - All Years
6 HP/MFS6 (4-Stroke) - All Years

Propeller for PARSUN 4HP 5HP 5.8HP 6HP 8HP 9.8 HP
4 HP/T4 - All Years
5 HP/T5 - All Years
5.8 HP/T5.8 - All Years
6 HP/T6 - All Years
8 HP/T8 - All Years
9.8 HP/T9.8 - All Years

Also Fit Hangkai 2-stroke 6hp outboard motor
Fit Hyfong 4hp 5hp 6hp outboard motor.

1pc x Propeller for MERCURY & TOHATSU NISSAN Outboard


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*Quality and performance are guaranteed. Any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

*To choose your propeller, we kindly advise you to confirm your own propeller's (1) brand, (2) diameter, (3) pitch, (4) rotation, (5) OEM number, (6) the engine date to be matched by the propeller, and (7) HP from the manufacturer before the purchase.