Cylinder Head Gasket For Yamaha Water Waverunner 1.8L FX AR SR240 242 SXT FZR VXS Cylinder Head Gasket 6BH-11181-00

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This is a brand new head gasket for Yamaha Waverunner 1.8L series models
Ref.Code:  6BH-11181-00 / 6BH-11181-01
Made in Taiwan,China.

Att.:Please believe in the principle that you get what you pay for. If you don't want to reopen your machine in the short term, we suggest you choose a product with a reasonable price.Lower price may kill your engine's life.


2013 FZR

2013 FX SHO (1.8L)

2013 FX HO (1.8L)

2013 FX CRUISER SHO (1.8L)

2013 FX CRUISER HO (1.8L)

2012 VXS (1.8L)

2012 VXR (1.8L)

2012 FZS

2012 FZR

2012 FX SHO (1.8L)

2012 FX HO (1.8L)

2012 FX CRUISER SHO (1.8L)

2012 FX CRUISER HO (1.8L)

2011 VXS (1.8L)

2011 VXR (1.8L)

2011 FZS

2011 FZR

2011 FX SHO (1.8L)

2011 FX HO (1.8L)

2011 FX CRUISER SHO (1.8L)

2011 FX CRUISER HO (1.8L)

2010 FZS

2010 FZR

2010 FX SHO (1.8L)

2010 FX HO (1.8L)

2010 FX CRUISER SHO (1.8L)

2010 FX CRUISER HO (1.8L)

2009 FZS

2009 FZR

2009 FX SHO (1.8L)

2009 FX HO (1.8L)

2009 FX CRUISER SHO (1.8L)

2009 FX CRUISER HO (1.8L)

2008 FX SHO (1.8L)

2008 FX HO (1.8L)